How do I apply a Work Pattern into the future?

Work Patterns apply Assignments in the Assignment Editor as far out as the User Type's Schedule Periods are created.

If your Users have Work Patterns that are not displaying in the Assignment Editor, and appear to be cut off at a certain point, create new Schedule Periods to apply the Work Patterned Assignments further into the future.

1. Navigate to the Schedule Periods page (Scheduling > (select applicable User Type) > Schedule Periods).

Click the Scheduling tab. Select the User Type you would like to create a new Schedule Period for from the drop down menu in the upper left corner, then click on the Schedule Periods button.

Here you will see all current and future schedule periods. Click the Show Earlier Schedules button to see other schedule periods.

2. Click the New Schedule Period button and configure the new schedule period.

The NameCodeStart Date, and End Date fields will automatically fill to match format of the last schedule period, using OpenTempo standards for abbreviating months.  

You will not be able to save new schedule periods with a start date that does not line up with the last schedule period. If an error is made, the red error message will display the necessary next start date.

If applicable, select a Schedule Marker to note the beginning or end of a calendar or academic year. If you do not have any options, you may need to Create new Schedule Period Markers.

3. Save the new Schedule Period.

Click on the Save button to save the new schedule period.

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